Monday, July 1, 2013

Preparing for baby #3

My last baby was delivered vaginally with no pain medication. Although my opinion is that pain medicine should be avoided if possible (due to risks to mom and baby), I must admit apprehension about doing it naturally again. I was good till about 9 cm. But going from 9-10....owwwww. Not fun. Not looking forward to that part again.

On the up side, I had barely any pain pushing out my 9 lb 9 oz baby, I will gladly do the pushing part again!!

Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine sponsored podcasts!!!

I'm so excited to have found this. Lots of wonderful analysis of breastfeeding research. It's super easy to keep up to date with the research through these podcasts.

Podcast: Co-hosts Anne Eglash, MD and Karen Bodnar's, MD discuss two recent studies on breastfeeding with the addition of formula. Learn more in the latest Breastfeeding Medicine Podcast.