Friday, July 17, 2009

And the Best Breast Pump is...

When I was preparing for my daughter's birth, I was told that Medela was the way to go. I purchased the Medela Pump in Style. I have had no problems with it but I can't help but thinking there are a few things that could be improved upon. Medela pumps come with only come with one size flange (the part that fits over your nipple) to start with. The Ameda Purely Yours Ultra comes with standard, medium, and large flanges. Medela has the other sizes available but they are expensive and if you are unsure which size to use this can be one more headache for a new mom.

A good friend of mine, and new mother, got the Ameda Purely Yours as her breast pump at the recommendation of a lactaction specialist. She loves it. After looking at the two webpages listed below, I can see why the Ameda may be the better option. One more thing important to mention about the Ameda pump, it is CHEAPER!

Comparison chart on the Ameda Purely Yours Ultra and "Leading Competetor"
Comparison chart of Ameda Purely Yours Ultra and Pump In Style Advanced

Medela Pump in Style below (retail about $280) - not the personal use top of the line pump by Medela.

Ameda Purely Yours Ultra below(Retail about $280) - THE top of the line personal use pump by Ameda.

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