Monday, August 10, 2009

Mama's Milk - Perfectly Made for Baby

My daughter, now almost 18 months, just got over a stomach bug that consisted of diarrhea and probably stomach aches. Last time she had a stomach illness, she was 16 months old and her pediatrician told me that breastfeeding her probably made it milder. There is research that has found that breastfed babies (even those that are over one year old) don't get as sick with gastrointestional illnesses as children who are not breastfed! Wow. I already knew a slew of reasons to breastfeed my child, and now I have learned one more. I am not at all surprised by this though. Human milk is the perfect food for a human baby. It makes perfect sense to me.

Click here to view an article about how important breastfeeding is to baby and mother. One reason stated in this document is a 21% reduction in infant mortality after the first month.

Click here to see 101 reasons to breastfeed your child!

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