Sunday, February 28, 2010

Life with a 18 month old and working full-time

I just started my new job and I am now balancing work and being a mommy to one sweet little girl.  Am I up for the challenge?  I sure hope so.  My head spins and my stomach knots up when I think about what I am taking on.  It won't be easy.  But, I do have a great support system and with only one child it should be manageable.  My parents and my husband's parents live very close (about 10 minutes away.)   They are our volunteer daycare providers.  (Lucky us!)  I am very thankful for their help.

I don't think anyone realizes how hard it is to be a parent until they become one.  Yesterday, I was home all day with my daughter yet my house is still what I consider "a mess."  How is this possible?  Well for starters, when my daughter is awake, I focus my attention on her.  And, if I'm not focusing on her, she will come over to me and demand my attention in her toddler way - with whining and clinging to my legs.  Then, when she is napping, I must be quiet.  She is a light napper.  No dishes or clanging or vacuuming during naptime for sure!

I will say this though, I think an 18 month old is a lot easier than a 3 month old.  Sure she runs around and I have to keep her from killing herself daily BUT she usually takes naps.  And she can play by herself.  And she sleeps at night!  So, am I ready for baby number two?  Not yet.  I gotta get the working mom thing down first.  Then, we can talk about it!

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