Monday, June 14, 2010

Naptime at 21 months

These days my daughter takes nice consistent 1-2 hour naps.  This has not always been the case but the bedtime/naptime routine has payed off.  She finally is at one nap a day.  She has been taking one nap at noon for about 6 weeks now.  It's so nice to be past the "transition stage" where she couldn't make up her mind to take one or two naps.  Our naptime routine is lunch, pajamas, book reading, brush teeth, sing song and snuggle, fluff pillow, cover with blanket, then "night, night, sleep tight."  Lights are off, fan is on for noise, and shades are pulled tight to make her room dark.  It is rare that she cries.  If she does cry it is usually for less than a minute.  We also follow this same routine for bedtime.

When she is at her grandparents she takes naps okay.  However, her naps are usually a little shorter when she is away from home - probably due to routine changes.

I'm so glad she takes naps.  I need them.

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